Result Processing

Result Processing

Most of the exams that are administered nowadays are in the form of multiple-choice questions. - A large number of public service as well as private organizations use multiple-choice questions to test various types of proficiency and suitability of students. While some of these exams are conducted online, sometimes the number of students is so high and in various diversity of technology reachability that it may not be possible to conduct the exam online. This is where the ICR/OCR/OMR based answer sheets comes to rescue. ICR/OCR/OMR enabling us to process the result with much higher accuracy and speed using cutting edge technologies

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Benefits of Result Processing

  • Generate Unlimited unique Question Papers Set
  • Printing question papers on configurable page formats
  • Data extraction (reading answers) with ICR and OCR technology
  • Lightning-fast result generation
  • Barcode based mapping and reconciliation of Question-and-Answer sheet

Clients list at a Glance

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  • College of Leather Technology
  • Non Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA)
  • East West University
  • Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)