Process Automation

docuDEX Workflow

Devnet workflow application “DocuDex workflow” and capture solution streamlines business processes. It enables small, medium and large organizations to manage their document-driven business processes more efficiently and productively

  • LC process automation
  • loan/investment Document process automation
  • Credit card application process automation
  • Account opening process automation
  • Application process automation
  • Recruitment process automation

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Benefits of docuDEX Workflow

  • Reduce costs associated with manual document handling
  • Streamlines paper-based business processes, Saves time, space and money
  • Eliminates of manual paper handling operations; guarantees a fast Return On Investment
  • Improves customer service through quick access virtually from anywhere
  • Improves decision making by unifying access to unstructured content and structured data
  • Enhanced collaborations and communication
  • Protect company information not for years but forever

Who is using DocuDEX Workflow?

Banks and Corporates are managing their Documents and using DocuDEX Workflow. Here are some of our DocuDEX Workflow clients -