Online Proctored Exam Solution

Online Proctored Exam Solution

Our Online Proctored Examination Solution enable students to take a test/exam online in a remote location. It uses live or Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled automated proctoring solution that eliminates the need to have onsite human proctors/invigilators. This augments academic integrity and reduces human biases and helps to create secure, high-quality educational experiences – and ensure that learners who play by the rules are honored for their work

Proctoring Services
  • Live proctoring
  • Automated proctoring
  • Recorded proctoring

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Benefits of OPES

  • Verifies student ID
  • Proctored testing features prevent and deter cheating
  • Proctoring creates a fair online test environment for students
  • Detailed reporting provides insight into learner behavior and patterns>
  • Online proctoring works for a variety of exam types
  • Proctored testing removes administrative burden on test centers
  • Students can schedule online exams 24/7/365
  • Affordably scales to your institution’s needs
  • Remedies for pandemic situations like “Covid 19

What We Offer!

The online exam and automated proctoring solution can be divided into several modules. The modules are as follows:
  • Registration
  • Profile Completion
  • Exam Apply
  • Pre-screening
  • Exam Settings
  • Question Paper Management
  • Question Bank
  • Exam Restrictions
  • Automated Proctoring
  • Manual Proctoring
  • Proctoring report
  • Examiner Assign
  • Exam Marking

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