Accounts openning & Forms processing

As a specialist in handling every manner of paper and electronic forms, outsourcing the process to Devnet brings not only cost reductions but also strategic benefits across your entire organization. Devnet has processed a wide variety of client forms for years. Our expertise has allowed us to develop a highly-efficient process that is flexible enough to meet individual requirements and adapt to industry changes. Data can be captured more accurately, customer accounts can be managed more efficiently and applications approved more quickly. What's more, outsourcing forms processing, application processing and account opening activities can free up departments to work on other revenue-generating activities.


Fluctuating volumes can be easily managed, without having to worry about the change requirements in staff, technology or premises. And as the infrastructure is already in place, you also benefit from complete asset utilization and significantly reduced costs. To be processed automatically most forms require either one or a mixture of character recognition technologies. These include OCR for machine printed text, ICR for hand printed text and OMR for check boxes and signature box verification. The service combines both manual keying or automatic data capture with state-of-art ABBYY data capture technologies and Devnet’s document archiving and management solutions.


Features (Form processing)                                                  


  • Realize minimal set-up costs
  • Cover the whole spectrum of service which includes from form design, print, templating/application development, filing and processing.
  • Access a highly automated, streamlined process that has been perfected over years and ensure the highest quality results through highly experienced operators
  • Additional services available — such as telephony to complete rejected or incomplete forms.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Speed up data entry


Features (Accounts opening)


  • Speed up the customer account opening process and improve service levels
  • Improve data accuracy with address validation, credit checks etc.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Effective management of customer information through document archiving and management.
  • Speed up accounts openings activities
  • Higher data accuracy